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Internal Conflict: Protagonist is an underground doctor trying his best to lighten the symptoms of Augmentations for the poor that are often forced to get them after workplace incidents to be able to keep working, but can't afford the medicine needed for the body to not reject the implants. Protagonist is forced to work with less-than-pure self-cooked versions and also to deal drugs on the side to finance his efforts, knowing that to do good on one end he has to cause suffering on another. Protagonist has become a cynic and accepted the fact that if he does not supply the addicts someone else with less morals might jump in.

External Conflict: A local politician is making a push for the position of mayor by help of a criminal syndicate. The current Mayor fights back using the security apparatus and grey tactics that ultimately lead to his loss when uncovered by investigative journalists

Romance Conflict: Protagonist is jailed and either saves or is saved by a member of a prison gang. Over this they befriend each other and when Protagonist gets released he tries to free him or her by all means necessary. Ultimately Protagonist will have to cross boundaries, break either laws or other relationships to free him.

Protagonist's goal: Protagonist is bored and the mission seemed like a great way to pass time.

Incident: A group of teenagers vandalizes a monument and is killed by sector security, sparking an outrage and eventual rebellion